Project "VEL CITY" brings a new concept of urban center which generates a lot of features and provides new dynamic for a whole day in this part of the city. "VEL CITY" complex and its programs opens on all sides. In the lower part the dynamic comes from stores, service facilities and restaurants while the upper part is composed by two buildings with apartments that give dynamics on other parts of the city. Altogether the project brings new optimism that will extend into the wider environment.
The main expression element are two apartment wings starting with soft corrugated facade towards the street side and continue to the side that looks onto the park and from its terraces dynamics is made. This composition clearly marks the system of public and private space. Additional dynamic comes from the terrain relief that comprises a virile vertically structured basis. Red brick is significantly present in the area and because it is warm and is made of natural materials will be used for building facade. Strong volumes will be finely textured with brick in different positions which will make the whole building tremble in fine reddish tone.
The investor knows the pulse of the environment but also we bring our experience from many other projects. Project "VEL CITY" boldly and with sure hands fit on the needs of today but also carries the vision which will gushes with optimism for a long time in the city’s future.



Shopping mall opens the main entrance for visitors on the north side where parking area is together with entrance for underground parking lots and auxiliary entrance for stores. On the east side of the mall there is a significant entrance for upper floors. On that street complex has few more stores. West side will have smaller stores which uses fall on the ground and terraces with orientation towards the park. The mall will be organized in two levels so that both levels are attractive. In the lower level could be a large supermarket with a few minor extensions. In the upper level which also has direct access from the street on the east side and the west side where the park is located on the corners provided stores for sports and technical equipment. The most attractive locations are planed for restaurants, cafes and fast foods.
Entrance to the mall is possible through the open parking area where visitors will be able to use wheelbarrows directly on the pavement. Some locals are oriented directly on the street and on the balconies towards the park so the complex’s life will be felt on the street too. Several stores are oriented to the main street and a nice setting is accomplished on the west side where the facade of the building rises with terraces that are looking onto park. The height regulation allows to organize trades in the internal atrium where has internal connection from the main street towards the park in the background of the complex.
The southern part of the complex is planned for a small pre-school education on the ground level as well as medical practices such as dental, diagnostic or pediatrics. These will provide health services and other services for citizens that would facilitate the lives of tenants and citizens abroad. In order to use southern ground floor for public use height regulation is determined by stairs and sidewalks. With this type of programming the whole concept gets extra quality satisfying many civic needs and became urban core that will generate many city activities.
In the inner part between the two residential buildings at the ground floor of the mall's indoor atrium is created to serves as a link between the east side and the park located on the west side. The inner atrium gets a role of a square where there is opportunity to develop urban rhythm.



Over the mall in the first stage and over the public part in this second phase, the higher floors are for housing arrangement. Residential buildings consist of two wings and have orientation towards south-west and north-east. The south-west side apartments are with greater depth and to the north-east side apartments are less depth and have greater lengths to have better lighting. All vertical connections are oriented north-east. Size of apartments from is between 32 to 72 square meters, but by joining units it is possible to receive larger apartments. Because the whole complex is set on a modular system in preparation it is possible proportions between smaller and large apartments to adapt optional. The width of the housing lamella of 17 meters is the optimum solution for the organization of the apartments toward the outer/street and inner/yard orientation. The layout of the apartments are designed for modern people with attention to the highest level of efficiency of usable area. The layout provides high functionality and flexibility shaping life ambient.


EAST: On the east side main street is in virile incline and it is planned walkways to be connected via stairs associated with the object and thus gets urban rhythm. The height difference between the road and the pavement connects with wall covered with grass.


NORTH: On the north side external composition is in height regulation with future street. From the street side ground rises to the point of the lower part of the mall. In front of the building on the north side there are open parking lots as well as entrances for visitors, delivery and entrance to the inner underground parking.


WEST: On the west side between the south and north side there is the biggest difference in height. The slope is used for the creation of a terrace with a view toward the park, the same part can be used to develop some catering concept. On the south side of the west line of the object there is an entrance to the inner parking space.


SOUTH: On the south side between the object and the street it will be located a wide pavement from which can be easily organize entries in the housing section and medical practices and pre-school education as well.


INNER ATRIUM: Between east and west street and between the shopping center and the residential part inner atrium is designed which soothes the dynamics of urban movement and in peaceful ambient provides fine urban experience. In this atrium all program aspects will be oriented and also can be develop quality space.



For a pleasant first impression on visitors will be organized approach with simply regulated parking. Some parking lots are already at the beginning of the object (52 parking places) which encouraged passengers to stop and use the services of "VEL CITY" complex. Much of the parking space is arranged in a single basement level (145 parking lots). The total number of parking lots is sufficient to cover the needs of residents and visitors. The southern part of the complex (phase 2 and 3) has arranged parking space towards the street on the south side (19 parking places) and two underground levels under the building (64 parking places).


All we see the end of the use of fossil fuels. Project "VEL CITY" is conceptualized to be lifelong and therefore must meet the challenges of reducing operating costs in order to be competitive on real estate market. Customers or business owners in the energy concept of the building will recognize the great interest of the investor to find a solution with which users of the complex "VEL CITY" will be ahead on the question of its business and the cost of living. Project "VEL CITY" with energy for heating and cooling will be supplied with heat pumps that convert the energy of groundwater into energy for heating and cooling. The trade center will be cooled and heated with energy that will receive from their own facility. Due to different operational and financial regime the housing part will have separated energy facility. Each apartment at the entrance will have its own power connection for hot and cold water, heating, electrical connections and telecommunications. All power outlets will be decorated in a closet, type "Danfoss" that will enable simple management by the maintainers of the building. The apartments will have their own split cooling system that can be installed optionally.
Because the price of electricity will steadily grow, object is provided with construction concept that will insulate the building and reduce the amount of energy. The facade will be insulated by 15 cm insulation, windows will be fitted with insulation value of 1.1 W / m2K. The roof will be insulated with 30 cm insulation which will be additionally covered with greenery and thereforewill lower the temperature in the area and will increase the quality of the environment. The described insulation system already allows installation of low-temperature heating for further enhance of the quality of life in the building.

Andrej Kalamar

studio KALAMAR d.o.o